• Lost and Found

    It is fair to say that freestyle is as much an art as it is a sport. Freestyle is an art that uses the world around us as it's canvas. And sometimes it is in those lost and forgotten places, those places of decay, that lies an opportunity for creativity. Bo Wade finds and repurposes an abandoned restaurant construction site as his blank canvas for his latest edit, lost and found. enjoy.
  • HaroZona

    Suffering from communal cabin fever caused by the Covid lock downs, we got the crew together and hit the road as soon as we heard word that cases were declining and restrictions easing. Weary not to venture too far during these uncertain times, we kept close to home and cruised through the desert to the great state or Arizona, aka HaroZona!


  • The Sport and Master Project

    1984 became a pivotal year of evolution for the emerging BMX Freestyle scene as a series of factors combined to energize its phenomenal growth. On the leading edge of the new movement, a committed young entrepreneur and Freestyle pioneer named Bob Haro was already out-of-the-gate, having founded the first rider-owned Freestyle brand, Haro Designs, four years earlier.